Updated: COVID 19 – Restrictions for cellar doors and breweries


 New South Wales Restrictions 


Updated: 23 October


From Friday 23 October 2020 cellar doors, wineries, breweries and distilleries can take up to 30 customers per booking and seat 30 customers per table.

Note: Make sure you adivise Vyne of your update to how many people you can seat per sitting! 

The cap for the number of people allowed inside a venue has been revised to 300 or one customer per 4 square metres, whichever is lesser.


Alcohol can only be consumed by seated customers.


In more positive news, regional travel within New South Wales is still on the table from June 1 so you can continue to plan local trips to support wineries, breweries and more.

If you are taking a wine tour, the same restrictions will apply to breweries, cellar dooes and wineries.


Victoria Restrictions


In Victoria, winery restaurants and cafes can still provide a dine in service, however must meet the restriction requirements outlined by the Deputy Chief Health Officer including patron limits, physical distancing, signage and hygiene.


Wineries that have a restaurant or cafe will be able to sell alcohol by the bottle and glass. They may also sell a wine tasting experience without a meal permitted that visitors are seated.


Updated September 26

  • Food is not required to be served with a tasting or with wine by the glass
  • You can open from 17 September required that you:
    • Ensure you have completed your COVIDSafe Plan
    • Continue to ensure strict frequent cleaning and hygiene is in place
    • A strict limit of four square metres per person must be followed
    • Density gaps are adered to
    • Record patron details for contact tracing purposes (not included for takeways)
    • Social distancing in common areas such as reception or lobby
    • Alcohol must only be consumed when seated
    • There are no impediments to selling by the glass or bottle on site to consume if your previous licensing permetted you to do so.
    • Staff are required to wear masks.
    • Maximum of 50 people allowed to dine outside.
    • Indoor spaces limited to 10 patrons, and density rule of one person per four square metres will apply.

For general queries relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic please refer to the Smart Traveller site.


South Australia Restrictions

For South Australia, so far there are no restrictions on local travel within the state since May 11. South Australian's have so far been successful in stopping the spread of COVID-19 arounf the state so it's a good time to take a road trip and visit some of tyour favourite local wineries, breweries and cellar doors.

Most cellar doors, breweries and wineries are now open however if you're uncertain it's best to book ahead and check with the venue.


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VIC Government - https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/restaurants-and-cafes-covid19#what-about-cellar-doors-at-wineries-what-restrictions-apply